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Let me take you back to 2017 – a year when I found myself at the heaviest I’d been in ages. And to make matters worse, sugar seemed to be my constant companion – from ginger ale to fruit loops and, of course, my beloved Haribo gummy bears. To top it off, I was dealing with hypothyroidism, a stressful corporate job and a failing marriage. 

Here I am - 30 pounds lighter and in love with my relationship with food, but here's the backstory...

So, like many, I thought fitness was the golden ticket. I tried everything – running, Zumba, and even committed to a six-week fitness bootcamp. I went all-in, even posting my journey on Facebook for some much-needed accountability. But guess what? Six weeks later, I was right back where I started. Talk about embarrassment.

Desperation kicked in, and my endocrinologist suggested pills to curb my appetite. However, a quick look at the potential side effects (hello, oily stool!) made me rethink that strategy. I wanted a solution that addressed my sugar and processed food habits without chaining me to medication for life.


The epiphany? It wasn’t a magic pill. Fitness had its place, but it wasn’t another bootcamp. It was about tackling those sugary childhood habits head-on – NowandLaters from the corner store, fruity pebbles on Saturday mornings, and, of course, my cherished Haribo gummy bears. Surprise, surprise – those habits stuck around in my adult life. But you know what? Nothing was wrong with me, and the solution wasn’t in a pill. It was about creating new, small habits around a low-sugar lifestyle that I could sustain in the long run.

Fast forward, and here I am – 30 pounds lighter and in love with my relationship with food. Sugar’s grip? A distant memory. Generational patterns of diabetes? Broken. I feel amazing in my body, confidently making healthy choices at home and in social settings.

Sugar isn’t the boss of me anymore, and I don’t feel guilty when I indulge occasionally. I’ve got the tools to stick to my lifestyle whenever I need to – that’s freedom, Sis. And guess what? You can have it too!

If you’re an ambitious, mid-life mom grappling with sugar, ready to mend your relationship with food and thrive in the life you genuinely deserve, click this link to schedule a chat with me. Your new life is waiting, and I’m here to help you shine!


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