Real Client Results

“Malica coached me in reducing my sugar intake. Malica checked in with me several times each week and via email. Because I expressed my desire to add walking and a need to reduce the physical pain I felt, Malica suggested the use of a workout band to aid me in strengthening my upper body which I did. Her support and suggestions not only lead to me reaching my goal of reducing my sugar intake, but I was released from physical therapy in the third week of our working together. Her support and encouragement gave me the push I needed to believe I could reach my goal and helped me to surpass it! ”
C. Rogers
“Malica is an awesome coach to help improve healthy eating and lifestyle choices. I completed an 8 week challenge to eat less sugar. I like sugar, but Malica's weekly checkins kept me accountable. She encouraged me to develop a weekly affirmations and challenged me to find a way to celebrate my small victories. Her support helped me stay the course. I experienced the benefits of decreased hot flashes, sugar cravings, and gained the knowledge of natural sugar alternatives that does not compromise taste. I may still have treats, but now I feel confident to enjoy without overindulgence.
S. Aydlett
“Malica is an AMAZING Coach! Her personal touch and love of God is very special. She really understands who she is working with and adapts her coaching approach accordingly. She is prayerful and very much dedicated to helping her clients meet their goal(s) in the way that they individually need to pursue and achieve it. My goal was to reduce the amount of Sugar intake that I consume. The affirmation in the mornings really helped me to stay on track and stay committed to my goal because I looked myself in the eye and that made me accountable to do what I said I would do...that was powerful and I so appreciated that tip because it has made a difference for me! Thank you Malica for coaching me during a difficult time in my life, I appreciate you!”
A. Henry
I started the Sugar to Shine program and am proud to say that I lost all 14 lbs I put on during Covid!
T. Flowers-Ball

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